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3D Models Versus Traditional Architectural Models In Presentation

New software has made it possible to generate virtual 3D architectural models in presentation format. This is changing the frontier for design renderings and calling some key aspects of traditional rendering techniques into consideration. Analyzing the benefits of different architectural models in presentation may reveal the future of how design presentations will be made.

The architectural model has been an invaluable part of the design and development process since the start of man's recorded history. It has provided a simple and cost effective method of design revision. It has also provided a solid ground for involved individuals of varying trades to come together and discuss their valuable insights.

Physical models of the past were generally designed and created in house, making it necessary that everyone involved get an opportunity to watch the plans come together. Scale models such as these have been present in the formative design stages of famous monuments, battlefields, residential structures and architectural feats that are still highly recognized and admired today. The value of traditional methods is at once steeped in the romantic nostalgia of an era that regarded the work of the hand with high esteem, and in practical, economic uses.

The 3D architectural model is usually outsourced. This means that in house staff loses out on the valuable process of creating a working scale model of the project vision and plans. It can also mean that a company will have extra time to truly focus on the design aspects that truly matter.

Outsourcing the design of an architectural model can be a truly efficient method of project savings. More than 60% of the total costs for the model can be saved when the model is design with 3D computer generated rendering by a contracted company. The time saved generally proves invaluable as design and product development issues can take the forefront of company attention when this matter is aptly tended to.

There is no doubt that the traditional method of designing and using traditional and physical architectural models in presentation will continue to have irreplaceable values, some of which 3D models can never replicate. However, innovations in this technology have made it possible to incorporate significant project details that a physical model never can. With time the use of the 3D model will most certainly overshadow the traditional model, but it is likely that unique aspects of the tactile model will remain present in presentations.




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