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Brief History Of Watercolor Rendering

Paint made out of pigments that is suspended in a water soluble medium when used to render art is watercolor painting method. If one were to write a brief history of watercolor rendering, one would find it extremely difficult to pinpoint the exact beginning of the usage of watercolor painting method.

A brief History of watercolor rendering would have to go by the evidence of different forms of art that one finds etched in the history of every country or place. Evidence of this form of art can be found from the times of the cave man in Paleolithic era of Europe. Once again traces of the art form can be found during the middle ages of Europe.

The first continuous trace of this form of art can however be found from the renaissance period. Between the years 1471-1528 a German renaissance artist by the name of Albrecht Duer had created many an art piece using this medium of watercolor. Germany was also the pioneer in the first known school for watercolor painting methods run by Hans Bol who lived between 1534 and 1593.

Use of watercolor during this era was restricted to sketches, copies or cartoons. The only major area of its usage though was to depict the botanical aspects of the times. The medium is a perfect vehicle to add life to the illustrations of wildlife as also the flora and fauna and this usage continues to date.

The use of watercolor as a medium for painting spread during the 18th century especially in and though England. It was found to be useful for the rendering of the exact topography of an area and, therefore, used by designers to a great extent.

Thereafter this form of art started to be used in the making of books for reading. With the possibility of rendering close to real life effects, this method of art has turned into a popular option for artists to use.




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