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Free Hand Sketches - The Voices Of A Architectural Designer

Free hand sketches - the voices of an architectural designer offer an entry into the creative process of the architect. Sketching, of course, is a termed used to describe scribbling an idea down rapidly on a piece of paper, a napkin, or whatever is available at the time.

There are many advantages to working freely. One is that an idea is captured with an immediacy that keeps it fresh. Since getting the idea down is the goal, a scribbled drawing is likely to disregard scale, include variations in line width, and may be so abstract that only the person doing it can full translate the result.

Nonetheless, there are lessons learned and it is possible to accumulate ideas each time one draws this way. The sketch may capture an idea to save for a later project. It also allows the artistic side of the discipline to embrace the ornament and patterns in the world about.

Working with a pen or pencil also sharpens the ability to see. Since an architect's trade involves building and designing as well as translating proposals for prospective projects onto 2-dimensions having a well-toned vision is a tremendous help in giving voice to ideas. This kind of learning offers the kind of foundation one can build on, unlike a software program that may become obsolete.

Contemporary tools, like the computer, have taken many away from sketching in recent times. Some even postulate that may who are dependent on the computer cannot draw at all. If this is the case, they are missing a tool that has long allowed a designer to speak make a statement that his or her own flair.

Finally, free hand sketches -- the voices of a architectural designer are portable. One can capture a scene even if one didn't bring technology along. Moreover, one can speak even if one's computer breaks down.




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