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Is Interior Rendering Harder Than Exterior Rendering When It Comes To Architecture

People are constantly judging things in life. People want to know what is better, newer, faster and of course easier. There is no difference when it comes to depicting structures. Is interior rendering harder than exterior rendering? It depends on who is being asked.

There are different elements in each type of rendition that must be considered. Much more goes into this type of drawing besides the structure. You must also include the elements found in and around the structure as well.

If you are having the outside of a structure depicted, it is normal to depict the natural elements that surround the structure such as the vegetation. It could be that an artist has no problem with the technical aspects of drawing structures but they struggle with the organic elements.

It also must be mention that when the interior is depicted unless it is just a blueprint, it must also contain the interior decorative features. This means furniture must be depicted or even art that is on the walls. Either task means that much more skill is needed than just the technicality of drawing a structure.

Some artist might thrive on one element over another. It could be that one artist finds trees easy to depict but is not as good at chairs. To identify which is most difficult would depend on the artist's strengths.

Both types of renditions must respect the scale of the structure. It is also true that they must respect the scale of the surrounding elements. Another added element is the fact that color schemes must be respected unless the purpose is to see what a change would look like.

The question of “is interior rendering harder than exterior rendering”, is not an objective one. It depends on the artist. It depends on the structure. It is a question that can only be answered case by case.




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