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Looking For The Spirit In Thomas Kinkade Works

Have you ever looked into a painting and could not stop stepping into it? This can only happen when a painting is so life like and austere that you simply cannot take your eyes off it. This is how a paintings spirit takes you away. This is how the spirit in Thomas Kinkade works catches everyone that views it.

Some of the cottages that Kinkade paints make you want to go and live in them. They are tucked into beautiful and lush yards while at the same time giving off a romantic sense that captures your heart and soul. Every detail has attention paid to it, from the bricks in the cottage to the blades of grass in the yards. All of the paintings that Kinkade has done of cottages are each individual and named, each one possessing its own special kind of spirit.

Thomas Kinkade is a modern day Michelangelo. He has a unique talent for distributing light and rich colors in such a fashion that every detail is so real you can almost reach out to touch them. Take for instance the way that he plays with light from a setting sun.

The sunlight appears in his paintings to drench every detail in perfection. You can feel the warmth from the rays of sunlight he paints. There is no wonder he has earned the name Painter of Light.

The landscapes that Kinkade paints are no doubt some of the finest to ever have been painted. No matter if the landscape is of the city or in a country setting, the details are fine and each one plays its own in the painting. You could sit for hours and pick out the little things of interest in just one of Kinkades paintings.

The spirit in Thomas Kinkade works is the kind that escorts you to another place, one that you might never want to leave from. His works are delicate in many ways and then strong in others. He has some of the best balance ever in his work and it shows in every single painting.




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