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Naos Harbor Displays The Beauty Of Architectural Model - A Case Study

The architectural model has been, since its inception on of the most vital tools in architectural design. Naos Harbor Island Amador offers the most stunning example of clean lines and well-developed exterior. The beauty of architectural model - a case study is essential for this awesome construction.

The model maker for this development is Archivision scale models, and the means is a awe inspiring three dimensional display of height and glory. Archivision is responsible for the architectural models of numerous known projects. This display is glorious in its presentation making it hard to see if the best attributes come at the hand of savvy model makers, or ingenious architects.

This impressive residential high-rise is displayed with interior lighting effects that highlight the design features. The light play on the common area pool as well as the shadows created by trees show that the design software used takes into account the exterior lighting possibilities. In any realistic model this is done to display the form accurately as it would be revealed its natural environment.

The landscaping is astonishing. On the east and west of the building great clusters of trees and other foliage serve only to highlight the structure itself. Rather than taking the focus away from the design elements, these seemingly nature placed clusters enhance the design appeal.

The developer, Terra Acqua Developers has done work in both Florida and Panama. And it certainly shows here. The architecture reveals an understanding of warm climates and hip atmosphere without being gaudy.

The rooftop swimming area is the highlight of the piece. It comes replete with palm tree landscaping and cabana and flows effortlessly with the design elements. The intrigue of this project definitely is created by the magnificent artwork of the developer, but is duly enhanced by a phenomenal 3D representation.




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