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Reasons Why Architects Like Watercolor Rendering

Not only an engineering mindset does an architect require, it also necessitates a flair for art. Factors like building protection and effect of tensile strength and other such mechanical aspects would not register much on the clients mind as much as the look of the completed building would. The architect, therefore, has to present the case to a client as an artistic rendition. A grey scale or pure black and white sketch of the proposed building would never hold the attention of the client as would a colorful rendering hold. It is for this reason that architects do their building presentation on paper in color, and due to the special properties of watercolor the reason why architects like watercolor rendering more than other types of artistic rendering.

The most important property of watercolor is its transparency. This makes it the most sought after and prime reason why architects like watercolor rendering. This property of transparency allows the accurate drawing underneath it, to blend properly with the overlapping color.

The line sketch that the architect has created which is the main and most relevant detail in the entire display remains visible to the required eye, while the flair and flamboyance that the mix of water color splashed upon it turns the sketch into an attractive effect for the client.

Watercolor pencils are also available which makes the painting job much simpler given the geometric shapes and edges that needs to be highlighted as well as retained. This type of pencil using paint material of high standards is not available in any other form of paint.

Water color also blends very aptly upon white background which is the color of the art paper that architects normally use for their drawings and designs. The contrast that is generated by a proper spread of color upon a white paper accentuates the underlying outline drawing of the structure that needs to be given attention to.

Cost of course is an important factor as in every other aspect of a business. Water color with its high degree of versatility as a paint material is considerably cheaper by cost which is another reason why architects like watercolor rendering.




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