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The Future Of The Architectural Model And 3D Software

The future of the architectural model is guaranteed to hold numerous changes; however, the tendency to stick with traditional methods of model making may in fact outshine technological advances. The architectural model has been apart of the design and structure of mechanisms as far back as the beginning of the written word. A scale model in a tactile, physical presentation carries numerous benefits for both designers and financial backers.

The scale model or the architectural model is a visual display of what is to be funded and built. It allows for design corrections without the investment of unnecessary money or the useless waste of resources. It is also a powerful visual tool in revealing structure assets and features that may not translate well if presented on paper.

The use of 3D software to design architectural models has been on the rise since the availability of the technology to do so. Presenting design ideas through software enables the incorporation of helpful data. Software programs are often easily manipulated and eliminate the problems that are often associated with dealing with sensitive architectural model materials.

Until the present day usage of 3D software it was generally unheard of to not have a constructed scale model for any major project. The models are and have always been an important part of design processes. It is the starting ground for accuracy, and allows for a precise presentation.

Computer design programs lack much of what a physical model is able to display. Although the technology promises to deliver 3D images of the project, the ending result is ultimately only a two dimensional design. This means that the traditional methods of architectural modeling can never be obsolete as there are certain major factors of design presentation that only a true and traditional 3D model can provide.

While many companies consider 3D software as providing cutting edge architectural models, it is likely that many prudent companies will continue to present their designs using physical models. These are able to accurately convey style, form and most importantly texture. The future of the architectural model will see innovative ways of presentation, but is likely to be as marked by the presence of the traditional models as the past.




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