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What Is The Green Architecture And What Are Its Components?

It seems like everybody these days is talking about being green. Perhaps you have heard it before, and have been wondering: what is the green architecture about? The fact is it's something that's been around a long time ago in the world of architecture. Read on to learn more about it.

A green architect will aim to design structures with little or no impact on the planet. It also emphasizes the welfare of their occupants. So for a structure to be green, it should not be a threat in any form to both man and the environment.

There are only certain building materials which can be used. They should be recycled from existing supplies, native to the location, and require minimal energy use in manufacturing and transporting. For example: harvesting wood or bricks from buildings that are assigned for demolishment.

Minimal reliance on electricity should also be present. By properly placing the windows, the use of artificial lighting can be eliminated during daytime. The design itself of the structure should be able to sustain suitable temperature within for its occupants. Also, the offices or homes within the building must still be functional even when there's a power outage.

Another component of being green is the use of renewable energy sources. It's not unlikely for a green structure to be installed with solar panels and their storage tanks. Energy from such can power up appliances used by the occupants, or run cooling or heating systems. Collection vats may also be installed for collecting rainwater. Then it can be used for the garden or maintaining sewerage systems.

The welfare of the occupants definitely must not be overlooked. For example, the building's construction should permit proper ventilation. This way, inhaling stale air may be prevented, which isn't good for the health. Also, toxic or hazardous construction materials should be avoided. Based on these ideas, what is the green architecture all about? It's letting man live harmoniously with the planet.




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